Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Salut Social Media!

A few weeks ago I introduced my baby to the social media world. No, I was not with child, but I have been nurturing, creating and growing something over the past 9 months or so. This baby is Bowda PR, Communications & Consulting; a, scratch that, MY, brand spanking new PR agency. Bowda is a boutique PR agency offering a variety of services that range from social media management, media relations and content creation, and more. Bowda will be specializing in fashion PR, as well as working with startups and fellow entrepreneurs.

Why Bowda? Why now? The better question is why not now. I'm at a point in my life that I don't really have much to lose (other than time, which I don't even really consider a loss because every experience is a learning one). I'm pretty much a free agent and feel like I had to take this chance now, before the heavy responsibilities of life overwhelm and tie me down. You don't know unless you try, right?

Now, what everyone has really been asking me...what on earth does Bowda mean? The name Bowda actually arose from a separate dream of mine. First of all, if you know me at all you are well aware that I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with bows. They are just my thing. They represent everything that my style leans towards; femininity, polish and overall loveliness. I really wanted a name that represented and reflected who I am and my personal tastes. So, back to the first dream. A little fun fact about me: I am actually a certified wedding planner. I took the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada's (WPIC) wedding planning course a few years back with the intention of turning that into my entrepreneurship dream. After much though, I realized that is something I would want/need much practise and experience before being able to pursue it as an entrepreneurial endeavour and would have to immerse myself completely in that world. I still adore the idea, but was not able to give myself up to the world of weddings just yet. Although it is something I would still like to pursue, that dream is currently on hold to reach a few others first. The name I had came up with for my would be wedding planning business was indeed Bowda. The Spanish word for wedding is "boda" and I thought it to be a nice little play on words that also implemented my passion for all things bowed. When I started working on my PR agency and spent many an evening humming and hawing over a name, the boyfriend spoke up and said he liked the Bowda idea and suggested I stick with it. For whatever reason, I actually took his advice for once, and voila. Bowda PR, Communications & Consulting was thus born.

So far the support I have received is beyond incredible. It is an extremely scary thing to take a more or less blind jump into the risky and uncertain world of entrepreneurship and the warm support I have received is without a doubt the cushioned pillow at the bottom of my fall that ensured for a safe landing into the unknown.

Although it has only been mere weeks, I have already discovered and absorbed so much that if I were to close down shop tomorrow, it would have already been an extremely worthwhile experience. But don't worry, if I have anything to do with it that won't be the case anytime soon.

Stay tuned for more musings and ponderings from us as we embark on this winding ever-changing road that is the PR world as we know it of the 21st century. I'm not sure what to expect, but I sure am excited to find out and see where this road leads me. If you have any trouble finding us, just look for the girl with the bow.


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