Friday, December 6, 2013

Quick & Painless Gift Giving Guide for the Communicator in Your Life

A few gift ideas for that special PR person.

1. Juice for their lifeline. 

Chances are your favourite communicator has a smart phone. Chances are it's almost always dying.  One of these portable chargers would make the perfect stocking stuffer for that someone special.

2.  A mug with words. 

We drink oodles and oodles of  coffee, and then some. We also are kind of nerds about words. A mug with any cute or clever quote is sure to put a smile on the heart and face of your communicator.

3.  Fuel for their fire. 

One word, two syllables: Starbucks. Load up a gift card for them and they will be eternally grateful. If your PR pro isn't into coffee, David's Tea is also a good option.

4. A big ol' bag. 

This one is more for the ladies. If you think your average girl lugs around a lot in her purse, than you clearly haven't met a PR girl. We need to be prepared for every and any occasion in a split second, so our bag has got to be big.

5.  Something snazzy for their office.

We suggest a coffee table book. It's a definite conversation starter, and something both clients and colleagues can enjoy. Bonus points if it's local.

Happy holidays and happy shopping! 

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