Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Facebook Turns 10

As far as social mediums go, Facebook has always been a leader in a league of its own.  On their 10th birthday today, they are showing us all that they clearly have no intention whatsoever of losing that title. Instead of simply basking in the birthday bliss, they are doing some of the giving themselves. Mark and the team made videos of the top moments of your Facebook account over the past decade, or however long you've been a member. Want to check out yours? Head over to www.facebook.com/lookback for a trip down memory lane.

It also tells you just exactly how long you have been addicted and connected to the social network (7 years for us). Facebook, it seems, is one of those defining moments of a generation. Or at least our generations. Kids being born as of late are going to practically walk out of the womb with an account, but for us older folks it's one of those milestones that you will always remember exactly where you were when you first were introduced to "The Facebook".  I was living in Quebec City at the time, and was attending CEGEP (Quebec's version of college), when a friend of mine came to visit from Halifax. She was attending university there. She came over and after we got all caught up she asked if she could use to the computer to "check her Facebook".  At this point it was only offered exclusively to university students (CEGEP didn't fall under that category), and I had no sweet clue what she was talking about. I had never heard of this type of book, let alone seen it with my very own eyes.

Since then, Facebook has become not only an integral part of our day to day lives, but our businesses as well. Even though they are turning a decade old today, they are showing us that they still got it and are not going anywhere anytime soon. The promotion of the personal videos was PR done very well, and allows users to actively participate and engage in the occasion. Usually birthdays are all about you (or your brand), but Facebook turned the tables on us once again, and made it all about you and your Facebook experience. They have successfully made you as equally excited about your own personal journey, as well as seeing it through Facebook's eyes.

Bravo Facebook, and happy birthday. Here's to many, many more.

Tell us about your first time. When did you first hear about, or join Facebook?

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