Tuesday, June 3, 2014

6 Social Media Lessons We Learned From Suits

If you are anything like us, then your man crush Mondays constantly consists of one Harvey Specter. As the new season of Suits is about to air, we thought we’d share with you some tips and tricks that we learned from the show on how to be successful on social media. 

So, what exactly is it that they do that make them rockstars at social media? 

Live Tweet As Much As You Can

This practice is not only valuable for TV shows like Suits or news, but for all businesses; from your local farmers’ market to government officials. But, why is it so important to live tweet? Before going into a complex explanation, let’s start from the beginning: what is live tweeting? Essentially, live-tweeting can be summarized as “the action to engage on Twitter for a continuous period of time with a relevant string of tweets (often times using a specific hashtag)”. Live-tweeting is an excellent way to engage with your audience. Suits does a fantastic job of not only live tweeting, but replying and engaging with their followers. They will tweet members of their audience asking their opinions on specific situations, and continue to keep the conversation going, not only on the same day; but also connecting with the same person days or even weeks later. Also keep in mind that statistics prove that visuals receive much higher levels of engagement.

Create Your Own Hashtag

Creating your own hashtag has many valuable advantages; it sets you apart and allows you to easily monitor the conversation. Of course, you will need to wisely ‘advertise’ your hashtag and get it trending if possible, otherwise nobody will ever know about it. Associate your hashtag with an existing twitter handle so people can find your content more easily. Suits did an amazing job at coming up with #suitors and did an even better job at gaining traction for it. Thousands of followers now identify with this #hashtag. If you wish to learn more about creating hashtags, Social Media Today has a great 7 step tutorial. Never forget to use your #hashtag often, and use it wisely.

Get Your Audience Involved

This may sound like a broken record, but as social media experts we will never stop saying: engaging with your audience and involving your audience is an essential tactic to succeeding on social media. Suits does an amazing job at involving their audiences. In fact, their audience is an integrated part of how the show evolves. They do an excellent job of not only hearing their audience out, but also initiating conversation with them and acknowledging how valuable their opinions are. People love to feel like their voice is being heard and that they are contributing to something they trust is valuable; so make it happen.  They also rock at successful campaigns. They consistently hold special viewing events for fans to re-watch episodes, such as "Suits After Hours"where they ingeniously invited you to "suit up and stay up". They also acknowledge who and where their largest audiences are, and just recently completed an extremely popular college tour where students could meet cast members throughout the USA. 

Listen To What Your Followers Have To Say

Your biggest fans are your dedicated audience and they will most likely deliver a positive message about your brand or service. So listening to what they want is fundamental on social media. Monitoring what is being said about your brand is one of the most important aspects of social media interaction, so make should you listen and act accordingly. Suits always listens to their audience and they always try to take their suggestions into consideration.

Always Be Alert

 Always, always, always (can we make this any more clear?) be alert on social media; you may be in for a positive surprise. The USA Suits social media team was alert when they noticed an enthusiastic tweet by Michael Phelps (only the biggest Olympian of all time) about the show. In a jiffy, they responded and next thing you know Phelps was appearing in a episode. Be alert and react quickly to these opportunities. Being alert will also allow you to accurately monitor crises when they happen.

Create a Culture 

After they've done all of the above, Suits really does excel at creating their very own community. They share tons of behind the scenes photos and experiences, and they are awesome at creating shareable content.  They make their own GIFs, memes  and clever quotes from notable characters that boast well over tens of thousands of shares.  

Suits came out of nowhere and exploded on the TV drama scene, particularly with post secondary students and young professionals. Filmed in Toronto, Suits came from modest beginnings. The success and attention it has garnered could be seen as a surprise to some, but if you look at their quirky characters, intriguing story line and savvy social media efforts, their recipe for success is more than apparent.

For all these reasons, and many more, we are head over heels for Suits. Suits is clearly the little show that could, and did, and still is. 

Are you ready to get Litt up on June 25th?

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