Thursday, July 11, 2013

What the heck is an Open Device Lab?

Those were my very first thoughts when I heard on Twitter that digital creative agency bv02 was launching one on July 11th. I immediately investigated and soon discovered that an open device lab is, well, pretty self explanatory. It is a lab, with devices, that is open to the public. Simple enough, right? The more I pondered on this, the more I came to the realization of what an incredibly innovative idea this indeed was.

Targeted towards startups and entrepreneurs, the Open Device Lab (ODL) gives businesses access to test out their website or software on a wide range of devices free of charge. Every cell phone model imaginable was there, as well as tablets, e-readers and laptops. I have to admit it was a pretty fabulous feeling to see our website simultaneously loading on over 20 different screens. The ODL does a lot more than solely allow you to admire your business's own handiwork; another entertaining game to play is to see which device loads the fastest (and the slowest).

The ODL is actually the first one in the country. There are currently 64 ODLs spread across 22 countries, that can now include Canada.

Kudos to the team at bv02 for not only a fantastic idea, but an even better execution. This is exactly what Ottawa needs to support the ever growing startup community. We will definitely be bringing our clients by the ODL. Good PR definitely includes knowing how clients are viewing your product/service digitally and adapting accordingly.

The ODL is now open for business, so swing by and see how your business is being viewed today!

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